Friday, May 10, 2019

Solo Female Traveler in Morocco for 3 weeks (November 2018)

Many people are wondering about the safety of travelling alone in Morocco, especially for a solo female traveler. So did I! And it gets even worse after reading and hearing so many bad experiences from people who have been there. But the cheap flight from Europe (where I was living), the cheap living cost and the nature beauty has overcome my fear.

I planned my rough itinerary depending on the cheap flight I've found, which is flying in Tangier and out from Casablanca. It turnout to be a great one, because I don't need to go back to the same city with a long bus ride.
Here is my route for the whole 3 weeks:
Tangier (3N) - Chefchaouen (5N) - Fes (2N) - Merzouga (3N) - Todra Gorges (1N) - Ouarzazate (3N) - Marrakech (2N) - Essaouira (3N) - Casablanca (1N)
Keep reading if you want to know the details of my trip! I am also giving a list of useful tips in the end of the article.
Sunset at Sahara Desert
Stand on the Rocky Gorges

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4D3N OnBoard Lombok-Sumbawa-Komodo-Labuan Bajo(Flores)

The Price is IDR 1,7 millions  from Senggigi to Labuan Bajo 4D3n  (17-20 August 2015)

DAY #1
Departed from Bangsal Harbour (north of Senggigi)at 1 pm, 20 people will sleep on the deck. I wasn’t feeling well since the first, couldn’t imagine the rest of the trip. We stop in the middle of the sea somewhere, to have a swim since there is no shower. But I was too lazy. One of the girl is going too much at the front of the boat and falling, lucky that her camera was in the bag and it’s safe.
I didn’t eat lunch and dinner, felt sea sick, even threw up in the night.
20 people squeezed in small boat. I'm the only one Indonesian(and asian) passenger, the others are European

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mountains of Bali

How many mountain in Bali do you know? Here is the list :

1. Mt. Agung 3142 m / 9944 feet
Agung is an active volcano, and the highest one in Bali. Don't bother to go up there if you are not fit for hiking! Seriously, there is almost no flat path, 95% of them are slopes.There are 3 routes that I know, I have tried 2 of them.
-From Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple (South West). I haven't try it because I don't want to have problem with the aggressive local guide.
Mount Agung (volcano), from Besakih Temple

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mt. Lesung

Lesung is a mortar for pounding rice people used before technology come. If you see from Google Map or Earth, you could see that there is a hole, just like a lesung.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pura Pucak Mangu on Mt. Catur

"What's the plan for next weekend?" That was a question from a friend after we did Mt. Lesung for the first time a week ago. So during the weekdays I searched for any possibility, and one of the mountain which is still in the same area seems to be good. Plus I found a nice blog about 10 Highest Peaks in Bali.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mt. Batur 1717m, Bali

It is probably the most famous and common mountain(volcano) to climb in Bali. The reason is it is not a hard trek, quite short and low altitude, has amazing view, and many tourist package for that. I don't want to say how many times I have been there, because I might go again in the next weekend :) Many of my friends said that we have to pay and they will force us to use a guide as it is dangerous, they will follow you, bla..bla..bla.. But it never happen to me even when I bring foreigner friends. If you want to know the start point, write me an email to or contact my phone number +6285737159359. Sorry I can't share directly here because I don't want the association to start checking that way. Let's keep it free!

The first time I went there was 6th October 2013, with my roommate, Callista. It was 9pm when I suddenly had an idea to climb Batur, and I asked her where is the start point. She was worried, so she offered to accompany me. We started at 12am from Jimbaran, where we lived together at that time. I don't really remember what time did we start to hike and what time did we arrived on the top, but it was quite early.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Munduk Waterfalls

Munduk is name of a village, which is famous enough but still quiet. Surrounding by clove trees, looks like golden valley. There are some hotels and restaurants here, so don’t need to worry if you come late from Denpasar or Singaraja. There are some waterfalls in this area, I visited three of them. The first one if you come from Gitgit or Bedugul, a nice waterfall with coffee plantation and café. There will be asign in right side, "Cascade Munduk Waterfall", with small parking area n very small shop. I didn't pay any entrance ticket, but the woman in that shop said, if foreigner need to pay. From parking area need to walk down about 500 meters, pass a house and café. If you drink something in that café, you can see the view of waterfall.
Cascade Munduk Waterfall
Actually from that waterfall you can walk down to another waterfall, there will be a junction of footstep path. If turn left will go to the famous waterfall in this area. If turn right will go to another waterfall. Also can go there from Munduk village, and need to pay 5000 IDR for ticket. I met some foreigners with local guide from hotel, looks like a day trekking to some waterfalls. Also a couple of foreigner brought a map of waterfalls in this area. Maybe if you stay in some hotel in this area, you can ask about that map and the direction.